• Please check this page OFTEN, especially from August to December each year. 
  • We will post items such as: new or upcoming events, applications being available or closed, needing more or having enough Child Sponsors, and anything else we need to inform you about.
  • Posts will be dated, for ease of reference.

9/14/18  The 2018 Canton Goodfellows Application Packet is now available for printing on our Get Assistance page.  In addition, Application Packets can be picked up at the Canton Public Library or at the Clerk’s Office in the Canton Administration Building.

8/21/18   We have two new fundraising updates for you. Please read on!

CALLING ALL RUNNERS and WALKERS: EZ Run Events has generously volunteered to organize a “No Child Without A Christmas 5K  Walk/Run” to benefit the Canton Goodfellows. It will be held on Saturday, Dec 1st. Santa will be attending the event too! You can have free pictures taken with him on that day. (You will claim the digital photos via the EZ Run Events website.)  Make sure to check out the event and registration information on our Calendar page. Pass this info on to your friends!

For 2018, we have decided to discontinue the township wide mailing of our large Canton Goodfellows postcard, asking you for donations. Instead, we will be mailing a small post card to all of our previous donors. If you haven’t donated to our organization in the past, please consider making a donation this year! You can click here to donate, using a credit card or your PayPal account. Or, you can mail your donation to:  Canton Goodfellows    P.O. Box 87532    Canton, MI 48187

1/16/18  The Canton Goodfellows are pleased to report that we again had a very successful “No Child Without a Christmas” campaign. We were able to assist 119 Canton families with 314 children in December, 2017. Our success, year after year, is the result of hundreds of generous community members and businesses coming together to help provide our children with a joyous holiday season.  Because our benefactors are too numerous to mention individually, our thanks go out to everyone who:

  • Purchased and donated toys, clothing, or gift cards for one or more of our children
  • Sent us monetary donations to help fund the food gift cards for our families
  • Awarded us grants from your organization or business
  • Organized gift drives or fundraisers for our benefit
  • Sponsored or attended our Magic/Comedy Show Fundraiser
  • Donated food items during our Holiday Market Goodfellows Food Drive
  • Donated a holiday meal for our families
  • Offered your business as a location for our Goodfellows Paper Sale, sold papers for us, or purchased a paper
  • Volunteered to help us analyze each child’s gift bag
  • Moved all 314 gift bags wherever we needed them to go
  • Packed 119 family food boxes
  • Donated lunches, dinners, bottled water, or snacks for our volunteers during our Work Week

Our campaign would not have been a success without all of you! No matter how you helped us, THANK YOU on behalf of our Canton children and their families.